Your market's first impression of you, begins with the name of your company. In fact, your domain, the names you assign to products and services, even the names you give projects, are significant. They're the building blocks of your brand. It's ironic that professional services aren't utilized for some of the most important marketing decisions a company will ever make. 

words matter

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This is common, and usually a byproduct of an old-school approach to marketing. 

In other words, marketing means advertising. 

But in today's digital assault, flash-attention culture, branding is not a result of advertising. 

                        Branding is a byproduct of deliberate naming, and creative messaging.  If you don't have a brand that can leave an instant, indelible impression, then you're simply promoting... mundane. Just another splash of inconspicuous graffiti. 

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   Yes -Naming is that important.

Whether you're a start-up, or established, it's never too early to start. And it's far less expensive to do it      -the right way, right now-

    If you delay marketing because you think it's expensive, then consider the costs of doing nothing. Will you be losing market share to competitors while you "wait for the right time?" Are you saving up to dump money into the wishing well of advertising?

Are your name and logo relevant to each other? Do they effectively deliver a message?

Do you need a new domain, and a new brand?

Do you really want your company to leave an impression when you are ready for advertising?

Do you need your advertising to be targeted, and specialized?

         Whether we're naming your company, your app, your product, or your project, Cognito's approach re-defines smart marketing.

Your name, your imagery, and your messages matter.