-How many companies have an amazing website?

Think about it.. Does their website really even leave an impression?

Which portion of companies have great names? How about an effective message? Which of these have a memorable logo? Finally, how many of these companies have a website that engage, or convert, visitors?

-How many companies have all of these things?

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Very few, actually.

Which of these does your company have? According to... who? How does your company stack up? 

What do your visitors experience, and how much time do they spend an any web page?

Are your employees reppin' your brand? Are your customers socializing it?

How do your competitors view your company? What are they doing better, and what are they perhaps not-so-good at?

-COGNITO has the answers. And every web-build is a reflection of this data.

We create smart, effective, contemporary websites. We always include SEO, mobile optimization, and most importantly, web analytics.

We then do what no other marketing company is willing to do. We give you direct access to the data mines, and marketing automations, and we train you how to use them.

You see there are specific facets of marketing that your company should be managing in-house, with regularity. Your Social Media accounts, customer management, email campaigns, and triggered events, based on visitor activity, and transactions. These are just a few of the available native integrations we can set your company up with. And the basics that your Marketing representative should be focused on.