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Creating a great brand is like making great music. The composition is what makes it memorable.

Cognito understands that branding isn't arbitrary. It's a result of deliberate messaging, creative design, perhaps advertising, even timing. In-fact your industry, your competition, your products and services, and even laws can have an impact on branding. 

All things considered, the difference between a mediocre brand, and a killer brand, is the data behind it. It's the research and the intel.

                          refines the relevant data, expedites the timeline, and substantially reduces costs. It also improves the result. The system isn't as focused on marketing intel at large, as it is on research and data related specifically to your company, your market, and your industry. 

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Marketing firms also understand this. They have stats and savvy that your company doesn't, so they get away with charging hundreds of thousands of dollars, and taking a year to develop your brand. Which is why Cognito developed a systems that decrypts the marketing code, and eliminates the racket.

Our turn-key system results in actionable intelligence. Usable data. We mine it. We refine it, and we use it to develop the names, messages, and emblems that become your brand. Once the choreography of mental ownership, and emotional attachment, is complete, we flood your company, and your market with it, at the pace you choose. 

Cognitive reports can be commissioned on your own company, or up to five companies, to include your top competitors. What do they do well? What don't they? How do you make your brand stand out from theirs? How can you differentiate your products and services from them?

Cognito can show you.

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"Cognitive is disruptive. There just isn't anything like it in the marketing industry.
It's simple. There are five Stand-Outs. Five things a company can do right now to become more noticeable, and more memorable. Among those five, one of them will have the biggest impact. Who wouldn't want to know the ONE thing?"

J Poulsen, Artisitc Contributor, CBM