Creating a great brand

is like making great music. It's the composition that makes it memorable.

Of course imagery is important, but without research and data, your ability to brand is limited. Your image might be just as forgettable as the next. 

Cognito understands that branding isn't arbitrary. Killer brands are byproducts of marketing intel, and deliberate, targeted messaging. 

Marketing firms also understand this. They have stats and savvy that your company doesn't, so they get away with charging hundreds of thousands of dollars, and taking a year to develop your brand.

Which is why Cognito developed a system that decrypts the marketing code.

                          refines the data, expedites the timeline, and substantially reduces costs. 

It also improves the result. Its focus isn't on marketing intel at large. Rather on research and data related specifically to your company, your market, and your industry. 

"Cognitive is disruptive. There just isn't anything like it in the marketing industry.
It's simple. There are five Stand-Outs. Five things a company can do right now to become more noticeable, and more memorable. Among those five, one of them will have the biggest impact."

J Poulsen, Artisitc Contributor, CBM

Is there any business that wouldn't want to know the one thing that would increase brand awareness the most?

Cognitive reports can be commissioned on one company, or up to five companies, to include your top competitors. Each report consolidates actionable data from five impact categories. Each category is weighted for overall relevance to branding, and each yields a single, stand-out, recommendation.

Five recommendations, ranked by priority, as your branding objectives. Each includes proposed messaging, concepts, and strategy. Execute on one, or on all five. You decide. 

Whether it's your company's image, a product, or an exploit, your indelible brand is waiting.

    by Cognito -Saratoga Springs, UT

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