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Is your company ready for advertising? How do you know? Are you prepared to drop five, or six, figures without having already determined which messages, and which calls to action, your audience will be most receptive to?

Or perhaps without knowing what your competitors are doing? 

For sure there's a time for advertising. But there's a very simple, very expensive, reason why this should be the last thing your company spends marketing budget on. Timing. You see when, where, and how you advertise, matters.

Advertising should be a culminating event, not an experiment. And in today's digital world, web is the only media over which advertising results are available near real time. Which is why it's the easiest, and quickest, to ROI. 

Not only will Cognito nail your messaging, and branding, we'll help you hit your market at the right time, in the right way. Our advertising expertise is focused on web, your market's best gateway to you. It's also our portal to intelligence. Unprecedented analytics that steer behavior, and drive results. 


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